2001 . 6 . 9 - 10

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The Steering Committee, ACWS
is administered by
Japanese Association for Women in Sport (JWS)

NIKE and Nissin Travel Service
are the national sponsors for JWS


The First Asian Conference
Women and Sport (ACWS)

is in cooperation with
The international Working Group
on Women and Sport(IWG)

Supported by:

Japanese Prime Minister's Office (tentative)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Japan Amateur Sports Association
Japanese Olympic Committee

Osaka Association of Physical Education and Sport for Women
Japanese Society of Sports Education
Japanese Society of Physical Education
National Federation of the Commissioners of Physical Educations

Office of Administration, ACWS

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Tokyo-Chiyoda Central Station, Tokyo 100-8612 Japan

Tel: +81-3-5446-8983 Fax: +81-3-5446-8942

e-mail: acws@jws.or.jp

The Office of Administration, ACWS is a subdivision of JWS

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